Makeup Lab

Bruc16Studio workshops have been designed to be informative and fun. We will teach you how to prepare your face and to enhance and highlight your features step by step. You will learn techniques and formulas to brighten and blur to obtain a perfectly defined and sculpted look. You will learn how to get a “smokey” look, apply false eyelashes, define eyebrows, paint lips and use blush correctly.

Choose the specialised course you want to try:

Red Carpet
ersonalised makeup for special events, galas or cocktail parties.
3 hours 70€

Personalised makeup for your wedding.
3 hours

Ageing skin
Special makeup for more mature skins.
3 hours

Makeup for teenagers
Specifically designed for teenagers, you will learn all the basics to deal with complicated skin.
3 hours

This course will teach you how to create a professional office look for interviews, meetings or corporate events.
3 hours

Mom and daughter
Preparation of face for makeup, lipstick and eyelashes. Mom and daughter will then enjoy a photo shoot.
4 hours

Makeup Party
Our team of profesional makeup artists and photographers will make everybody feel relaxed, pampered and beautiful. Whether it’s a hen party, a night out with friends, a birthday celebration or simply for fun.
Up to 7 people (minimum 3)